About Simulation

Simulation solves complex problems in a fast, easy and cost-effective way.

Some problems are too complex to be solved in Excel and too expensive to ‘solve as they occur’.

Problems like:

– Will we have any bottlenecks in the future production pipeline?
– What effects will a proposed production solution have?
– How should these different proposals be prioritized?
– How can the current supply chain be optimized?
– How much idle time will the staff have during an average day?

Know the risk and outcome of your project.

Simulation is the answer.

The purpose of a computer simulation is to imitate reality. To make a computer model that includes all the influencing parameters of the subject in matter and simulates what will happen in the actual world, if one or more of the parameters changes. A model that can test and assess all the implications of new production, concept, layout, scenarios, buildings or similar, in a safe and effective way – before anything have been build, ordered, produced or set in motion.

A quick and easy way to solve complex problems.

With simulation it is e.g. possible to test an entire production and distribution process, locating and removing any bottlenecks, before design specifications are given to architects, validate an already existing design before building commences, or just test several different production scenarios up against each other, before changing the current production pipeline.

With a simulation model you will be able to know:

– Exploiting degrees of everything in the pipeline.
– Input, output and throughput times
– Where any bottlenecks are located
– How the stock level will change during production

Minimize risk – maximize profit

A flexible simulation model will give you as many controlling input parameters as possible, creating a versatile tool that can give quick results from various inputs and scenarios.

Simulation is the proactive solution, where you test and validate design, in a cheap and effective way.

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