NIRAS A/S is one of Denmark’s most experienced simulation consultancies. We have created simulation models for some of the largest hospitals, breweries, dairies and industrial manufacturing companies in Scandinavia, as well as solved logistic and simulation challenges for smaller companies.

We are experienced in communicating with all involved parties, from any part of an organization, making sure that we collect the right data needed to build a versatile and professional simulation model. That way we create the most validated and useful simulation results.

Cross disciplinary approach

In NIRAS A/S we always take a cross-disciplinary approach to our projects. We have specialist knowledge in fields such as hospitals, diary, buildings, supply chain management, pharma and several others.
When we are carry out simulation projects for our clients, we combine our specialist knowledge and competences with our deep insight into simulation to ensure long-term results.


We have used FlexSim to model brewery production facilities, distribution centers, dairy facilities, hospital logistics and clinical production optimizations.

A simulation project can result in a number of different end products. It could simply end with a report detailing simulation results or production optimization options. It could also result in a completed simulation model to be used continously by the customer as a to to manage production.

As the Nordic distributor of FlexSim, we can supply FlexSim licenses as well as educate our customers in the FlexSim program package, in case your company will be running or building simulation models.

We can also run specialized training courses with your own production as the focus of the course.

Customer satisfaction

We take the product we deliver to our customers very seriously. Whether our delivery consists of ongoing meetings and presentations, a final report or both, we make sure that you have and understand all the relevant information and the results of the simulation model, before we leave the building.

We conduct anonymous client surveys to validate our performance, and are proud to say that we have an average customer satisfaction result of 4.3 out of 5.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or inquiries concerning simulation, or want to hear more about how we can support you and your business.


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Niras A/S is the leading Nordic supplier of discrete event simulation.
Experienced in all  major fields of engineering and consultancy.

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