FlexSim General Purpose

FlexSim gives you the power and flexibility needed, to solve a large variety of simulation challenges!


FlexSim is a discrete event simulation software suite. It is the most powerful tool in existence for modeling, analyzing, visualizing and optimizing any conceivable process, from manufacturing to supply chain, abstract examples to real world systems, and anything in between.


FlexSim is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Sensible interfaces and straight forward usage put FlexSim at the front of simulation software usability. As a novice user, you can use FlexSim’s ‘drag and drop’ system to create models quickly and easily.

More experienced users can use C++ to change the settings of almost everything in the program, making it possible to customize every part of your simulation model, creating complex and comprehensive models.



Flexsim can import AutoCAD DXF or DWG format, to ensure that all simulations can be as close to reality as possible, and the powerful 3D graphics engine allows you to build from the ground up, to give you a truly immersive 3D experience. There is no better way to see what is happening in your system than to build it in 3D.

The 3D graphics also allow both model and in-model charts and graphs to dynamically display output statistics. You can interface with common spreadsheet and database applications (like e.g. excel) to import and export data, making it easy to access and visualize the results in several different programs.

Result driven

FlexSim is designed to find the optimal results in your designs, by being able to address many scenarios at the same time. FlexSim´s ‘Experimenter’ tool allows you to quickly change mutliple sets of variables and see the results. You can create scenarios by choosing which model parameters to vary, to test a handful of scenarios, or hundreds! Save time by running many replications of multiple scenarios automatically – set it up and walk away.

Running many replications allows you to obtain confidence intervals of the results. View the results of your experiments in easy to read graphs and export reports to HTML. And with FlexSim´s ‘Optquest’ tool, you are able to sort and get suggestions for the most optimal solution of the given problem – quickly and easily.

Try FlexSim

You can try the demo version of FlexSim for free by clicking here. We are convinced that you will see the possibilities the program has to offer, and would want to upgrade to the full version.

If you have already tried FlexSim, and wish to enquire about licensing and pricing, please contact us.

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