FlexSim courses

FlexSim software training gives you the tools you need to create ever more valuable, interesting and comprehensive models.
The following training courses are available from FlexSim Nordic:

FlexSim Course 1

This basic/intermediate course covers the principles of simulation and how to use FlexSim for simulation modeling, including:
How to use and navigate through FlexSim’s modeling environment.
Techniques for modeling different real-world situations, including conveyor systems, operator movement, coordinated events, and more.
Specific model building activities covering warehouse, manufacturing, and service operations.

FlexSim Course 2

FlexSim Training Course 2 introduces more advanced concepts, allowing the user to further customize modeling logic and use FlexSim’s more advanced modeling tools.

FlexSim Healthcare course

The FlexSim Healthcare training course familiarizes new users with the FlexSim HC environment and helps the user create basic models. Users who master this material can create simulation models of clinical environments, test various scenarios and extract performance data from the model.

Custom training courses

If there are specific areas of interest, that a certain user wishes to delve deeper into, there is the option to book a custom training course with that particular area in focus.

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Training courses are held throughout the year at various locations.
Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or inquiries concerning the courses, or want to sign up for FlexSim Training.
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